The Future

Future is a mystery and that is what awes me most. Until recently I used to spend day dreaming what this day in the  next year is going to be like. I’d imagine things that I’d want to achieve by that time, where and how I see myself as. Even then, u never know what the future has in store.

Perhaps, it is a kind of defense mechanism. Maybe imagining future keeps me sane. Dreams yet to be realized, disappointments, wounds and that too caused by things beyond my control. Not that I overlook the beauty of present, but even then there is just something magnetic about the yet-to-come, that I get pulled to it all the time.

Or, perhaps I should call it the work of the extreme optimist in me. Maybe it is because I hope and anticipate something better in the days to come. Maybe, my subconscious mind wants to believe that things can be perfect; and it is not far.

I don’t know what it is, but I really love looking forward to future. Firstly, getting done with my thesis, getting back in shape and when all gets well. [sigh!] Cheers to the future.


One comment on “The Future

  1. James says:

    [sigh] ko full form ke ho? 😛

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