Papu’s Pani Poori

Alright, so there we were, my best fren and I, on queue at Pappu’s panipoori stall. It was Baishakh 2 and we were there to welcome 2068 just as we had 2011. We chatted away and didn’t mind standing there this Friday eve when I felt like a sword was hanging rt above my head with a thesis section’s draft submission deadline.Perhaps it is the same with the others who too were thronging around that place in Chakrapath – all waiting for Papu’s attention so that they could order or get their order, either pani poori or chatpate. Pappu’s got that magic in his hands esp when it comes to making panipoori.

Yumm. It’s hot, spicy, crunchy, crispy and at that same time there is this pani in it yumm… juicy. Mouth watering! And it’s soo fast – before you have gone through one the other one’s already on that paper bowl of yours. Amazing. Papu’s pani poori is far better than any of the pani poori’s served on steel plate in any of Ktm’s restaurant. They just bring it to you on a plate, and you have to phodos it (which most of us don’t perfect at all), most of it get ruined because we do not know how to do it the right way – we just know how to eat it! 😛 And then, kochos it with aloo and then put the sauce and then dip it in the water (watever is that called) and then only we get to have it in our mouth. Even then it doesn’t taste as good as Papu’s.  Again there is this whole 1 min gap before you can have another pani poori in your mouth. God! In that time, we’re half way through the first plate at Papu’s. What more, these expensive places cost between 50 to 100 Rs. per plate. Man, that is heights. At Papu’s, we get to have it in 10 Rs. So both cost, service, taste, and thrill wise, Papu tops any other restaurant that might serve pani poori in Kathmandu.


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