History of “Why this blog”.

I think primarily it would be because I love writing. Other reasons will keep on shifting from time and context.

November 2013 – the reason above remains intact. The only new entry is that now my life and therefore my entry will be about living outside my favourite city, away from my loved ones.

On August 3 this blog was opened with the following “why” and it failed utterly in terms of publication as I wrote but decided not to publish those writing here. 😀

“This is a challenge to myself. I shall post everyday,recording one lesson from each day for the rest of those of my life and all this based on my lived experiences of this city: Kathmandu. I have wanted to be a good writer, dreamt of producing valuable articles and stories but the only thing that has been keeping me is continuity.

Let this blog be a challenge to myself. I start with A – a 7 day challenge, starting from August 10 2012 to next Thursday to see if I can actually commit to writing or not. I think it should be interesting because there will be no editing, whatever is here will be crude to the core and secondly, all of my postings will be focused on relishing the flavors of this city – Kathmandu.”


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