On the road

October 8 -13, 2012

Monday: I followed a cloud of dust as I rode behind a huge truck; my dark brown pants became white by the time I reached home. I thought I’d catch “roogha”.

Tuesday: It rained and I thanked God; a bit slippery is better than dusty.

Wednesday: The rain has kept dust at bay. The road’s still slippery and I wonder when these will have black tops.

Thursday: I discover Maitidevi Bato has been black topped. How exciting! But then there are cars parked by the side and the road is as congested as before. Disappointed. Jam everywhere.

Friday: KTM roadsides still in ruins. Deconstruction has taken place, ruins and rubles by road side everywhere, more jam, and more ‘hilo’. It’s been more than 3 months! When will road expansion and construction be over?

Saturday: I notice mud all over my scooty and remember the van bogged in “hilo” yesterday. It’s attempt must have brought that sprinkled mud like a pattern all over my scooty.


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