Post Office Fury

I just came back from post box and I am furious. Maybe it is a combination of my paining head and the frustrating system. I had been there yesterday too and several times in this and the past few weeks to see if my  score report had come but they have not. My other friends who took their exams a week later already got theirs a few weeks ago.

Firstly, the office does not start at 9, the time is 10. Even then the people do not come until 10:30 and what more it is Dashain they can be i.e. if there, can be found only around 11. The most irritating part about this is that you have to take at least half day leave at office. And you don’t want to do that, not because it is going to be a holiday or something, but it is like, half the day  is gone!

Secondly, it never happens at a go, or one time. You are called the next day too, just because the concerned person is there. It is damn irritating.

Today  it was the second time I had attempted to meet the officials despite the countless times I had gone to check my post box. The person was playing solitaire and was acting so busy that he barely had the time to even listen to my question properly. The guard lady was of course talking on the phone, seemed like a long distance so she did not want to hang up even when she saw me at the door, waiting. Finally, she did she me, she pointed me to that old guy doing sth on the computer (playing tash).  What if he couldn’t stay at home and play cards, it’s Dashain after all and he was enjoying the festivity at his office!

When asked he looked a pile to see if anything had come . But nothing. I wonder, if he even listened to my question properly. I had been told by my friends how their cards had been misplaced and stuffs, but they had found it in the end. Mine hadn’t come.

My friend had sent me a card from Italy, he is back but the card has not arrived. Before I used to get letters within 7 days. I don’t know what has happened now.

Anyways, the lesson I can learn is to be patient. Not to bank on Dashain season to get any of our letters on time, nor meet any karmachari at their desk or even if they , for them to be in the mood to do any work, and one important thing, do not drive in newroad during the day in Dashain, the traffic is crazy!



One comment on “Post Office Fury

  1. I see at least one post in every blog about these ‘Karmacharis’ … lol … its so irritating,, and such a shame!

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