Half of Yellow Sun

It’s a fiction of when Barfia tries to separate from from Nigeria. It follows the story of twin sisters, each different and leading distinct experiences, what each of their family members go through, primarily their husbands, themselves and one of the sisters’ helper who later gets recruited in the army.

I am 90% done and I have no negative criticisms of the book yet, only that because I am new to the issue in Nigeria I am not able to follow it completely and I don’t think that is the fault of the writer at all. Ok, on the negative comment, may be the book is too thick and has a lot of chapters. It’s been more than two weeks since I started the book, dedicating almost an hour each day and yet it is not done! Ok, maybe I bunked my readings some days, but even then! When the read gets too long i.e. over a period of days, I think it loses it momentum to an extent. Oh, also maybe the writer could have chosen characters from the less elite to show their experience as well. Although he uses the helper boy turned army’s story, he misses out on the feelings, experiences of the subaltern people during war. He does show that the elite twins undergo drastic change in their life styles, nevertheless, it doesn’t reach the heart of the experiences of the poor.

As for the good thing, this book is written in a manner accessible to general public- no word plays and hi-fi language. Any medium English reader will understand. I also like the way, the writer tells his story through his main character, dedicating a chapter to each character, and then letting the story unfold.

More when I finish. Don’t know when that will be though.





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