Decomplexifying the MRP Funda

I would not be surprised if scientists discovered a new phobia, that of  ‘government office visit/work especially among Nepalis. Government office related work is mostly an inevitable pain. So here’s something that you might find helpful if you were thinking of applying for an MRP soon – not that anyone will be saved of this process as everyone will have to have one by 2014 I guess. A  lot of time, sweat and energy was wasted as I got  myself tangled just because of minor lapse in information when I went to submit an application for MRP recently.

What are required for an MRP application?

i.            MRP sized photos

ii.            2 photo copies of citizenship and passport

iii.            Original citizenship and passport

iv.            Filled MRP Application Form – 2 of them

v.             Money: 5,000/-

  1. Photo:

I’m here for an MRP photo.

Sure, you might want to use the dressing room?


Please takeoff your kajal, necklace and lip gloss. Tie your hair at the back so that your ears are visible. And yes, please change from your high-neck – your neck must be visible in the photo.

Opps! Taking an MRP and a PP sized photos in just my samez was a wild imagination. Not only the high-neck but the jacket I was wearing on top of it too wasn’t allowed re. Photo shoot in a samez seemed the only viable option. So I canceled my photo session for that day.

It was some time before I could squeeze out some time to appear for another visit to the studio; this time with a  poka – a neatly ironed white shirt. After all I couldn’t part from my high-neck in this winter, even if it be a 15 minute scooter ride. Loadsheding hadn’t made my prep easier. Anyways, I changed into the shirt. Again, another opps. They had the same coloured background so white shirt wound’t work re. Sure, I was ready to do just anything to avoid any more fuss with this photo thing so I put on a coat available at the studio. Men’s coat as it was  – over-sized – its shoulders reaching 4 inches further than mine. But I wore it anyways. The photo wouldn’t show all of the shoulder, right?

2. Photocopies:

I took two photocopies of citizenship and the old passport, just in case. Then, how was I to know then that photocopies in half of A4 sized paper wouldn’t work!

3. Form:

I thought I was ready to go and before leaving realized I had to fill the form too. I could always fill it at the shop inside the CDO’s building as that’s where I was pointed at when I had gone there to ask about MRP. But I wanted to do it on my own. Why take chances?

So there I was, at home, downloading the form from the passport department website ( I also checked samples of the right and the wrong way of filling the form.  Information it asked itself wasn’t that detailed but you had to take care of tiny things like how the photos and the signature had to be within the given box.

With no batti I had decided to save it in a pen drive and print it from somewherelese. After spending 20 good minutes of typing out, I hit the save button to receive the message “the changes cannot be saved”. Apparently one had to print it right out from the file in your computer after filling the file.

I decided to go for plan B – get it filled in the shop inside the compound, after all, I now knew all the information I needed to know and I was more sure that I could easily and quickly check how they fill it. But that was in vain. When I reached a crowd of applicants thronging the shop, and by the looks of it, my form wouldn’t be filled by the end of the day. Forms are only accepted until 1 PM, and it was already 12:30.

Plan C. I rushed out of the compound and got it filled in a cyber (of course with the label showing expertise in filling the MRP form). No queue. Yay? At first it was, until they told me the total charge was 130/-. Ok, who would take so much of money for filling half a page of form that takes roughly 15 minutes in total (info checking time included)? But they do. Anyways, at least they did the work on time, took care of the finger prints, sticking of photos, signature and photocopying my documents (bewaring me that the half paged photo copies wouldn’t be accepted and so I made other full length sized photo copies). They even told me that I should first go to room number 6.

4. Submission:

I checked: form, photos, photocopies of both citizenship and passport; and original copies of both plus 5,000/-. I was ready. After much up and down the building stairs, I found the room to be on the ground floor. The door said, come from the window. Apparently it was around the building towards it backyard but 50 other people were already lined up for the same task. By now it was almost 1 PM and  it rang ” I would have to come tomorrow to submit the form”.

Next day it was exactly 10 AM when I entered the gate. Amazingly the room 6 window was open with only 3 people in the queue. From there, I was sent to other windows belonging to – room 5, then 54 then 55 and then finally some room work at room 20 and then 8.

I wasn’t surprised that the office wasn’t there in his room. There were already three people ahead of me, waiting for the personnel, with their documents on queue. “He is not to be back until the next 1 and half hours”, we were told. I was determined to get this done so I stayed. By the time the officer was back his room was a like a jam-packed micro, all waiting for him, for his signature – a two second task. Of course,everyone hid the fists that was formed after 2 hours of waiting for a 2 sec work!

Then room 8, and then, 5 and 55 and then finally, 52. All window work again. The last window to be gone to is 52.  The officer there took my documents, the two filled forms, my original passport and then, suddenly asked for one more photo, MRP size. Thanks God I had not removed the entire bundle of photos from my bag. I submitted it.

Come after 42 days to get your MRP, the officer said.

I smiled – relieved that the ordeal was over, at least  for now. As I turned around I could not help noticing that the lady behind me had a panick striken face after n seeing me handing the photo and realizing that she would have to too and then hurriedly searching for it in her bag. People behind her, after much of the same process we all went through, didn’t seem keen on waiting for her to find her photo.

I looked at my watch – it was 12:30. Two and half hours just to submit a perfectly complete form.

Tips that might help remain calm through out the process:

Mentally prepare yourself for a hectic day where things if they progress at a snail’s pace is a supposed to be a good day or else you might have to visit it the next day again, queuing up, waiting for authorities to show up.

Before you go – Better to fill the form by yourself if you have a printer at home, but be careful to check out the specimen of how to fill the form and the kind of printout mode they need. Check this website thoroughly for downloading the form and how to fill check out: You would save your 130/- (if done outside the CDO building compound) or 50/- plus at least 30 min to 1:30 hours (if inside the compound) wait even before you start your submission process.

Have all the material in a my- clear- bag: citizenship, passport, 2 photocopies of each (not the half page kind but the full A4 sized ones), one extra MRP sized photo (so a total of 3 MRP photos) and yes 5000/-.

You might want to take a book in case an official isn’t at his desk and you get stuck in one of the rooms for hours before he appears to grace your day with his signature on your docs essential for your the submission completion or move anywhere near it.

Good luck!


3 comments on “Decomplexifying the MRP Funda

  1. Charu says:

    Whoops – an ordeal indeed!! Am to get mine soon – do they give back our old passport whilst on the process?

  2. lucas says:

    Opps its really horrible.

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