Fright Nite

“When something strange in the neighbourhood…” while watching a horror movie.

So I call up Party Crasher, my best friend, with an adventurous proposal. Her reply “Are you calling me in my dream, are we really going to watch it on a night show – The Conjuring, a horror movie?” It isn’t surprising to hear these words from somebody who has just picked up the phone in the middle of her Saturday afternoon nap, after an eventful night. But she said “yes”. There goes the wild spirit, always ready for an adventure and mostly crazy stuffs.

And believe me we just had a wonderful evening. We had never before laughed and screamed the loudest as much as we did watching this horror movie tonight.

The first quarter of the movie was just about anticipation of poltergeist activities. A group of guys seated right behind us were making commenting so much that we thought they would not let us get the thrill out of the movie. Anyways, it wasn’t just them that made the experience unique. The first scary scene and the whole hall burst out with laughter. But probably those were nervous laughter. As one of the guys behind us rightly remarked later on “Those who are laughing are just doing so to cover their fear. They are the most nervous.”

We laughed along. Then came the real story, there weren’t many stereotypical horror movie scenes. But it was quality over quantity. Laughter died, hall fell silent, probably others too were biting their nails like we were. We screamed shamelessly, as if we were the movie characters (we being the whole hall).  Then, laughter followed (this time we were laughing at ourselves, amazed by our capacity to scream.)

The scariest scene! Well, I opened my mouth the loudest, closed my eyes the tightest, and Party crasher, did the same, except, kept her eyes open and shut her ears the tightest. As movie progressed, so did our anxiety level. Party crasher started not only opening her mouth wider, screaming harder but also covered her face with her hands, and I, my eyes. But again, we laughed after that. Anyways, we caught up on scary scenes from each other during the interval.

“So what happened after that old lady is seen?”

“Oh she jumps at the girls”.

Later, we realized, the people behind us were equally into the movie. They too were shouting like hell. And yes, there was a scene where we didn’t shriek out but the macho guys did. It was just a bird flying by – but of course, in the horror movie e-style.

Well, the couple to our left were having a good time, the scary scenes making it only better. The girl was literally clinging to the guy and the more the frightening the movie became, the more tight their grip and the more the inclination of her body towards his seat. It was as if two bodies in one seat.

Must say, the movie was scary enough for a guy to forget his helmet and just ignore ‘us’ shouting and waving at him like crazy with the helmet.

Coming back

It was raining heavily. Almost 10:30 and there were a lot of cars, bikes and people coming out of the hall with us. But that didn’t stop the movie hangover. On our way back at Jamal, I saw an old man in a wheel chair under the overhead bridge, staring at nothing.  But Party Crasher didn’t see him. (Jamal is supposed to be one of the oldest places of the city, and rumor has it that there are a lot of spirits around that area). We didn’t have time to discuss it then. We both shrieked out after getting showered by a splash of water from nowhere soon after – to me it seemed like the bridge, and to Crasher it seemed like from a tree. We don’t discuss it anymore. Anyways, the splash was enough to make us scream as we drove on the main road.

Then, a weird scene again – a lady in black in front of Dudh Sagar.  This time, both of us saw that woman. Black top, black pant, black bag, even dark black gazal – she was black from crown to the cuticle. She was all alone standing there, staring at us (we felt it intense, could be our imagination). Anyways, it is not normal to see a young lady, standing on the road, comfortable as if on a broad day light and waiting for somebody or something and that too at such an odd hour for Kathmandu on a rainy night in such a creepy get up.

Before we reached our house, we had to pass by a jungle notorious for its haunting. Well, we talked about it as we passed it, but nothing scary happened.

And, as we waited for the door to be opened by my brother, I saw a strange light on the water which was weird in a dark night. But it happened to be the reflection of a street lamp. I saw it later.  Anyways, Crasher is still shaken. Shaken enough to not to go to the toilet for she finds the mysterious fluttering of the curtain in the bathroom horror-ry.

At the moment, my worst imagination is having a third hand scratching the itchy part of my back.

It’s almost midnight and we are still awake. Crasher has to go to the toilet and so here we stop. I have to usher her to the bathroom. I’m sure she will do the same for me.


P.s: We were accompanied by our macho guy friend who we didn’t hear screaming during the movie. He also felt the show scary rey.


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