Life as it is: Spring Break

By the time the break is over I think I will feel exhausted, not because I over-rested, but worked. I am happy I have a break, not because I can rest, but because I can work. Life here, as it is.

Delighted to discover the purple buds at the garden on my way to the laundry room. Spring is here! Ok I got side tracked. Breaks are fun also because I can do my laundry without pressure. I can sit in my room for hours, even forget about the timer, lazily pick up the laundry anytime I want. Yesterday the dryer was sick. How silly of me to keep trying to dry my clothes for hours, and finally notice it only the next day. It is break, that is how I could afford to laugh at it ; for, other days, it would have been a disaster.

The perks of breaks is also that I can make mistakes when choosing my clothes. When I wore that flimsy sweater to walk into the garden, and when the cold breeze and fluffs of snow reminded me that it isn’t quite the time to shed all the layers yet, I could still afford to smile and enjoy the fresh air. I could walk into the house anytime. Other days, the mistake could be costly. I would either have to miss the bus or  plough through the cold. Neither a wise choice.

It is Saturday night, Sunday morning a day before the “vacation” is over: it feels like a Monday night already. It’s 2:44 am and I just submitted my assignment ~ Happy Saturday, Happy Spring Break. I’m serious, I finished a draft of my paper !


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